FDA Approves myVisionTrack for Smart Phones

FDA Approves myVisionTrack for Smart Phones

myVisionTrack™  Helps Patients with Degenerative Eye Diseases and Vision problems

Smart Phones; Photo Courtesy of CMU.edu

The FDA has approved a monitoring system for handheld devices to help track symptoms for people with Age-Related Macular Degeneration and other degenerative eye diseases. This application called myVisionTrack™, made from the Texas based Vital Arts and Science, Inc. will allow patients to easily track their vision at home to aid in the efforts in managing their eye disease.

The system, myVisionTrack™ lets individuals assess their vision function on a hand held device, like an iPhone or other smart phones alike. The application will have a shape discrimination test that will store data and test results automatically. The program will also be linked up to a patient’s eye specialist, so that in case there are developing problems, the application will alert the doctor of the noted changes. This FDA, prescription only, phone application is said to be accurate,  portable, and user-friendly. This enables patients with retinal diseases quick and efficient motoring of their vision function, in the comfort of their own home.


Shape Discrimination Test:

The shape discrimination hyperacuity (SDH) testing can be a useful tool for vulnerable patients with degenerative eye conditions to monitor their vision in between doctors visits. The tests challenges the visual function of an individual by having the the patients  identify shapes and other objects. (As seen in the photo below)

Photo Courtesy Vital Art and Science Inc.

The tests measure the accuracy that of which the subjects judge whether the objects are perfectly square or round and perfectly symmetrical. If distorted lines and wavy or blurry  edges appear, may alert the patient that they have an underlying eye condition. Results are sent to the patient’s eye doctor for further evaluation.







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